Selfhare Projects – Botswana, Africa

In the last financial year, MOM donated $15,000 to support a series of ‘Selfhare’ projects in Botswana. These projects run alongside government activities aiming to eradicate poverty.

Funds contributed to sustaining the community’s ‘Life Line’ fund, which acts as an emergency fund to give immediate support in food or other items as the need arises. In addition to this, the donation helped finance the construction of four more homes for struggling families, bursaries for children from poor families to prepare them for their formal education as well as students to pay their uniform and school fees.

Mothers for All is one of these projects. A non profit organisation in Botswana, Africa, supporting women who are caring for orphaned or vulnerable children.

There are many villages in Botswana and beyond where Mothers for All is helping women learn the art of jewelry making and growing organic vegetables – teaching women in Botswana skills to earn income and support their families. Mothers for all has transformed the lives of many women and children in Southern Africa. This video shows some of their work, first hand.